About Us


R A Induction have started manufacturing of Induction Heating and Hardening Equipment, induction melting Furnaces based on IGBT technology in Rajkot.
SCR Operated Induction Furnaces / Equipment’s are more commonly used in Indian market, to get reliability and accuracy in controlling Power we must have to go with latest technology and it is IGBT technology. IGBT based Induction heating Equipment has advantages of being very fast, non-polluting, more efficient, excellent control capabilities and lesser space requirements.
The untiring efforts of Technical person of R A InductioN have regularly contributed to various developments to meet the challenges of specific customer requirements. The R & D Department of R A InductioN is always looking for new avenues for Induction Heating and Hardening applications.
We are keen to have discussions related to Heating/Hardening and Melting Process, Efficient energy utilization of an Induction equipment, Energy conservation and Power saving, Induction process parameters and proper Induction equipment selection. Be it a Steel plant, a Foundry, a Heat Treatment Unit or a Metal Processing Industry, we assure our equipment operates at optimum Power with remarkable production figures.

Our Future

Throughout our history, we have pioneered a number of firsts in the industry as we help the foundry industry & forging industries grow. We believe that some of our greatest moments are yet to be developed as we continue to make advancements.

Our Leadership

We have started manufacturing in Rajkot to provide maximum customer service and support in local area. This service has strengthened R A Induction as we grew to become the leader in our industry.

Our Vision

Our company vision is to utilize more energy and get maximum output from it.


R A Induction pledges to provide quality equipment for our customers. Our dedication to this ongoing pursuit is what sets us apart from the competition.
We give you the competitive edge by providing the best in customer service, quality and reliability, value, design and technology.
We are committed to helping the metal casting industry & the Forging industry grow stronger through our advanced technologies, continuous education and ongoing support.
Our Quality Policy is achieved through people, excelling, innovation, teamwork, pursuing details, two-way communication and pride in our company.
We design and manufacture energy efficient products which enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprints, helping them to contribute to a sustainable society. We continue to cultivate green initiatives in pursuit of new ways of reducing non-recyclable waste, increasing energy efficiency, as well as reducing and eliminating environmental hazards in our daily business operation.